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Kokomo is a healthcare consultancy with specialist expertise in the emerging area of Connected Health. We provide advice, support, and training to technology multinationals, telecommunications corporations, medical companies, and national health authorities.

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Connected Health is the future for healthcare

The use of technology in hospitals has helped to make them more efficient and deliver better patient outcomes. As a result, patients, particularly those with chronic diseases such as diabetes and coronary artery disease, are living longer. The European Union is predicting that, based on current care models, healthcare expenditure will double to €1.8 trillion per year by 2020.

Such an increase in expenditure is clearly unsustainable and imposes an economic imperative to investigate the feasibility of alternative care models. Connected health, which involves using technology to divert point-of-care delivery from hospitals to community teams, presents a compelling proposition in terms of patient care and cost savings.

Connected Health is poised to revolutionise patient care. It is already a reality for 1.8 million patients in the UK alone, and 350 million patients worldwide will benefit from this care model by 2020. If you are a healthcare provider or technology provider, Kokomo can help you be a part of this revolution.

Connected Health is the future for healthcare

As early as 2015, connected health will reach large numbers of patients through more than 250 million professional on-site healthcare installations, together with 100 million home health management system shipments. (Source: ABI Research, 2009). Distributing the point of care delivery from acute hospitals to community teams delivers savings for healthcare providers. Distributing the management of care amongst multi-disciplined community teams has compelling patient outcome results.

The EU predicts that, based on current care models, healthcare expenditure will double from 8% of GDP to 16% of GDP across member states between now and 2020. This increase is equivalent to an extra €900 billion healthcare spend per year. This is greater than the cost of the current banking bailout across the EU.

What role will your products and services play?

It is inevitable that technology will play a role in distributing healthcare models closer to patients. Today, technology makes in-hospital teams more coordinated and more efficient while delivering better quality care. Tomorrow, these same information technology models will be implemented outside of bricks-and-mortar facilities to distribute care closer to patients’ homes.

The economic imperative is upon us. Population aging poses a profound challenge for existing healthcare systems. Technology will be used to scale and distribute care models.

Technology and medical companies must determine what role their products and services will play in this multi-billion euro market. Health authorities must decide how to harness these technological advances to benefit their patients.

Many of our clients seek assistance in understanding how to get involved in the connected health and market. With our experience, we are uniquely positioned to advise on how to benefit from the opportunities that this modal change offers.

The Kokomo team is led by Dr. Malachy Rice, an internationally recognised expert in Connected Health, and includes consultants, solution architects, technologists, and project managers with many years of experience in IT and connected healthcare.

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