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Dr. Malachy Rice

After a long career in telecommunications and healthcare IT, managing director Dr. Malachy Rice founded Kokomo to help healthcare providers and technology companies take advantage of the opportunities made possible by developments in connected health. Kokomo offers original perspectives that challenge conventional approaches and helps clients implement bespoke solutions based on the latest innovative technologies. Many healthcare providers are intuitively aware that developments in technology-led connected healthcare can lead to better patient outcomes while reducing cost, but they are unsure about how to harness those developments. Likewise, many technology companies are aware of the market opportunities that exist, but they are unsure about how to apply their products and technologies to connected health. Kokomo provides essential insight at senior management and board level, enabling healthcare providers and technology companies to devise strategies to implement connected health solutions.

Ileana Welte

Ileana Welte

Ileana Welte

Ileana Welte is a principal consultant with Kokomo. Ileana has over 30 years of executive leadership in business development, marketing, and deployment of healthcare services utilising technology. Prior to working with Kokomo, she held a senior leadership position with Bosch Healthcare in the US, Germany and the UK. Ileana also served as Vice Chair of the 3millionlives Industry Group working with the UK Department of Health and the NHS to bring technology enabled care to 3 million chronically ill citizens in the UK. Ms Welte has achieved international recognition as a thought leader in the development of technology enabled care management strategies for the chronically ill in US, EU and the UK. She held Executive Sales and Business Development leadership positions in international organizations whose primary mission was deployment of services and technologies for chronically ill and elderly populations. Ms. Welte has extensive experience in designing and deploying technology enabled care coordination programmes in the US with major health organisations such as Aetna, Healthnet and Oxford in support of their Medicare and Medicaid populations. Her passion to bring technology as way to transform and modernise healthcare delivery comes from her experience working with technology companies such as Intel, Interval Research (a Paul Allen company) and Maxis where she marketed and licensed technology products to various industries with a goal to provide transformative experiences to consumers. Ms. Welte is a clinician with post graduate education in Geriatric Care Management.

Margaret Pogue

Margaret Pogue has had vast Project Management, Administration and HR Management experience in her various roles throughout her career with a Harbour Company and its predecessors, Department of the Marine, and Office of Public Works. She has been involved in the management of the current Harbour Master Plan, historical restoration, construction and reorganisation and rationalisation projects during her time at the Harbour. Margaret has joined Kokomo recently as Project Manager.

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3ML: Contributing Industry  Partner

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Expert, real-world consultancy

Kokomo is in the business of consultancy. We work with clients – healthcare providers and technology companies – to design connected health solutions. We begin by helping clients to define their approach and articulate their strategy. We facilitate workshops to discuss client requirements from business, clinical, and technical perspectives. The outputs from these workshops are detailed documents that capture the scope and proposed architecture of the desired solutions. We continue to work with clients on all aspects of healthcare service design, taking into account local needs and national policy, while keeping sight of overall objectives and desired benefits as articulated at the beginning of the process. The service design culminates in a program for implementation that takes into account change management, program management, and stakeholder management. Genuine stakeholder participation throughout the process ensures that the final service design relates to the client requirements articulated at the initial workshops. The Kokomo approach to consultancy is illustrated in the diagram below. The Kokomo Consultancy Process

Experienced resources

Kokomo can provide healthcare consultancy services to your organisation. We can supply temporary staff or dedicated teams to work on projects or to prepare tender responses. Our consultants have been involved in healthcare IT and Connected Health since the beginning. The breadth and depth of their expertise allows Kokomo to provide unparalleled insight, practical advice, and timely support. As experienced consultants, they have the engagement, project management, and communication skills to deliver connected health projects to the highest level of quality.