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Buy Now (Rep. of Ireland)

  • Lively’s smart home device provides family members and caregivers with the knowledge of when a loved one may need their help.
  • It includes an easy-to-use stylish Safety Watch that offers 24/7 help with the push of a button.
  • Lively provides intelligent medication reminders, daily step counting and alerts for activities around the home.


Buy Now (Rep. of Ireland)

Lively is CE marked and ready for supply into the Republic of Ireland. We are confident that:

  • Telecare Service Providers, will love the economics of Lively
  • Telecare Service Users, will love the design of Lively
  • Informal CareGivers, will love the peace of mind from Lively


Price €129 plus monthly subscription.


For further information or to arrange a product demo Contact:


Easy Set Up

Simply plug the Lively hub into a power outlet — it just starts working. Then place activity sensors around the home, activate the account online and start wearing the watch. No home internet connection or phone line is required. It’s that simple.


Getting started with the safety watch

Once Lively service is activated, using it is simple—as is enjoying all it has to offer.

Help button

Press and hold the orange button to initiate a call from the Lively Care Team.

Day & night display

Large, crisp display with back lighting allows for easy viewing.


You can use the Lively safety watch while showering or in the bath.


Pushing the button to get help

Whenever the help button is pushed, our 24/7 team of trained, live operators step in to reach the user by phone before calling their emergency contacts — and if needed, dispatching emergency services. Our emergency monitoring services are provided by a UK-based, 100% certified telecare centre.



Receiving medication reminders

Lively pillbox activity sensors monitor daily medication activity and create an alert whenever anything is missed, in which case a reminder is displayed on the safety watch. Should a medication regime not properly resume, family members can be notified to check in.

Having fun with step counting

Lively’s safety watch features a pedometer to keep track of steps throughout the day. Progress can be viewed directly on the watch, which is updated by the Lively in-home hub (when in range) every 15 minutes.

Coming soon! Pairing with smartphone for on-the-go use

You will be able to pair the safety watch with a smartphone (Android) to enable 24/7 emergency response outside the home—at the push of a button.

Lively desktop

Q: Does Lively require an internet connection or extra phone line to set up or use the system?

A: No home internet access is required for the daily use of Lively. There is a simple, one-time set up that requires web access via a computer, tablet or smartphone. The safety watch and peel-and-stick activity sensors communicate wirelessly with the Lively hub using the built-in cellular service, which is included with your monthly subscription.

Q: Are the sensors waterproof?

A: Yes. All the sensor including the Safety Watch are waterproof.

Q: How are they alerted if the sensors batteries have run out / need replacing?

A: When a battery is running low you get a “Low Battery” message on the Homescreen, and all friends in the circle are notified.


“This technology is allowing me to stay on my own as long as I can….”

~ Phyllis

“Lively saved my mother’s life! …A week ago I noticed via the Lively app that there was no activity after 9am. I called my Mother and her oxygen sat level had dropped considerably. I got someone to immediately come to her house. Discovered she wasn’t getting ANY oxygen from her home machine. If it wasn’t for your app I think mother would have died. My husband I are so grateful that I purchased your system!!! I had to let you know.”

~ Leslie

“This is the passive monitoring system we’ve been waiting for. It’s made for relatives and friends who need some amount of monitoring but are unwilling to allow any overt, expensive systems in their homes… Installation and setup were a breeze and the fact you don’t need an internet connection was critical since (my mother) has none.”

~ DP Jones

“It is incredibly simple to install. I mean like no-brainer simple. You plug in the hub. You place the half dozen sensors from the starter kit. You sign up. You’re done.”

~ -Gary Kaye

“My parents love receiving the LivelyGram (by snail mail) with notes and pictures from their grandchildren and their great grandchildren.”

~ Mary G

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