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  • Home safety system with activity sensors, watch with emergency assistance button and central hub connecting to on-line monitoring account
  • 24/7 hour emergency help and reassurance from trained, experienced staff
  • 4 discreet activity sensors (not cameras) for pill box, fridge, bathroom, front door or where required
  • Central hub unit collects the sensors’ data and feeds back to relatives via on-line account
  • Live!y learns behaviour patterns and sends a safety alert automatically if a major deviation occurs
  • Relatives view sensors’ data and set up their own alerts via a user-friendly on-line dashboard showing simple icons
  • Notifications can be received via email, text or mobile app.
  • Simple 5 minute set up – no professional set up or installation required
  • Medication reminders can be set on the safety watch: reminders clear when pill box movement is detected or dashboard alert appears if no movement is detected
  • Watch doubles as a pedometer – it counts your steps
  • Safety watch works within 425 metres of home hub
  • Safety watch is waterproof to 15cm (6″) – not suitable for swimming
  • Back-lit, easy to read display
  • Analogue or digital display options
  • No in-home internet required
  • No additional phone line required
  • Hub communicates with sensors and watch via Bluetooth connection
  • One-off purchase followed by a monthly subscription
  • Prices on site exclude VAT

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Reponse Centre Subscription

Pay monthly €24.99 / month, Pay Annually / Subscription €275.00

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